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Cartel Afinke

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Cartel Afinke showcase two newer genre of Latin music that emerged from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Reggaetón is an urban music genre that fuses hip hop with Latin American and Caribbean styles of music and which originated in Puerto Rico in the 1990s. Songs include rapping and singing with a driving, pulsing beat.

Bachata is based on the bolero rhythm. Bachateros have traditionally included other kinds of music like son, merengue, vals and ranchera in their repertoires. The influence of all of these styles, and particularly that of merengue, can be felt in the rhythms, harmonies and melodies of bachata.


Cartel Afinke is an 8 piece band which is embracing these genres and launching into the Adelaide music scene. Belinda M Jae and Mario Vasquez lead the band on vocals and percussion while ambidextrous Rodrigo Gonzalez sets the rhythm on bongos and congas while Anthony Ranieri holds the interlocking groove on the drums. Then chorusing on the keys is Aidan McDonough with Sam Morris on guitar, breaking chords into a thrumming sequence of notes. Finally, Chi Thapa holds it all together, providing rhythmic and harmonic lines on the bass.

Experience the new Latin genres that are taking the world by storm! 

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